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FAQs to answer before you request your quote, that contribute in the calculation of the quote: -

1- How will the voice be used?

What are the buyout rights?

  • Primarily, how the voice is going to be used is the most prominent factor in determining the quote. Will the voice be used publicly or internally? is it a promotion? a commercial content? non-profit? video game, dubbing or social media content, etc.
  • A voice-over can be used in many ways, hence, it is highly recommended that you clarify the intended purpose of the product

2- How long is the content?

This determines the studio’s allocation based on:

  • Word count
  • Intended duration of the final content
  • How the audio will be edited and delivered
  • Any post-production services requested?
  • The language genre used in the script, e.g. Medical? Technical? Lore? Religious?

These are the contributing factors in determining how much a project would cost

3- What is the recording nature?

How the scripts are to be read definitely affects the recording time, as different reads require different approaches; here are the most common ones:

  • Wild read:
    Reading entirely free without a reference at the natural pace
  • Time sync
    Reading a script timed with visuals or during a certain time window
  • Lip sync
    Reading an adapted script exactly to lip movements
  • Audio Drama (a mix of wild and acting)
    Reading an adapted script based on an animation that is yet to be drawn, it is a hybrid between wild reads and acting

4- Where the chosen voice talent resides

As you may already know, different countries have different cost of living and market prices, hence:

The selected voice talent, in accordance to the project’s requirements; will definitely affect quote depending on which part of the world the chosen talent resides

5- Are child actors needed?

Child Actors require much more direction, supervision and take more time recording

Hence, it is a wise choice to choose whether it is necessary to have a child actor in a project or have the child roles done by child-sounding-like adults

Word count

The number of words of the intended project, some projects rely mainly on word count for quoting. Usually long projects like audiobooks, documentaries, etc.

No. of minutes

The number of minutes to be recorded are usually used as the prominent factor for quoting on explainers and corporate videos, sometimes commercials as well

No. of messages

The number of messages is usually the metric used for Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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