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About us

Who we are, our values and how it started

Our mission

Nothing less than the highest quality Arabic dubbing, localization, voice-overs and post-production services

Our vision

DubbingPros is passionately dedicated to serving the Arabic dubbing, voice-overs and localization market. Our vision is to empower interested businesses in entering the Arabic market with access to outstanding and affordable voice talents from all over the Arab world.

Our core values

Applied knowledge and expertise

We are driven by our appreciation for applied knowledge and expertise, hence, it is one of our core values to apply the best practices in the business

Integrity and accountability

Our clients are our most valuable asset, hence, we pursue long-lasting friendships before sustainable business partnerships. Their challenges and concerns are ours

Listening and learning

Together we learn, together we grow. That's the way we look at challenges and concerns, listening to feedback and learning from it is at the top of our KPIs.

Customer Loyalty

Our customers come first, no matter what, or what the situation is. We passionately and relentlessly pursue our clients' utmost satisfaction and continued business.

Team recognition

We treat our team as members of one family, as we believe that a successful organization is one that is fair, just and honest with its members. Hence, we treat our talents as our most appreciated assets.

Punctuality with excellence

Whether your project is of a simple or complex nature, if we say we can do it, we will do it. It is one of the core values to do the right thing, and deliver it at the right time.

How it started

DubbingPros was born out of passion, market need and enthusiasm.

We have noticed that the Arab and the local Egyptian markets have been controlled by large organizations that tend to prioritize mass production over quality. In case quality was prioritized, they tend to charge the clients more and more.

Given DubbingPros’ founders expertise in the field, we decided why not offer a better alternative?

Shady Manaa, the Founder of DubbingPros, has worked in the field of English-Arabic localization since 2016. Throughout his career, he’s worked in significant positions at large organizations such as:

  • Masreya Media: the Head of Project Management and Operations 2016-2017
  • Kitab Sawti AB: Regional Production Manager – 2018
  • Shady Manaa localization services: 2016 – Present

Hence, he decided to start something bigger than just a freelance business. Instead of being only a freelance English/Arabic Voice Over Artist and a Dubbing Project Manager, he decided to take this challenge to the next level.

Driven by passion, hard work, enthusiasm and professionalism, we decided to enter the market as one of its core suppliers despite the competition.

Driven by our core values, our expertise, passion and professionalism, we promise you nothing less than the highest quality Arabic dubbing, Arabic localization, Arabic Voice-Overs in addition to our post-production services.

We do not claim that we are the know it all of the business, however, we are certain that we can do what we are good at and that we live to learn.

Ready to take your Arabic localization projects to the next level?

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